November 2020

Press Release
This press release provides information about the finalization of the project.

August 2020

The EPIC project sought to overhaul forward error correction algorithms to have the capacity to handle the extreme speeds of future communication. And while the consortium achieved their goals on a technical level, what were some of the impacts on science, economy and the European society? Watch the video to find out.

Podcast with InterDigital
The EPIC H2020 project is winding down. Partner, Onur Sahin reports all is well; goals have been met, demonstrators are working and there has been a great sense of cooperation among partners. Listen here by clicking the link below or go to wherever you get your podcasts and search for Euvation.

Podcast with Creonic GmbH
In this episode we speak with Jhon Jimenez and Timo Lehnigk-Emden from Creonic about project completion and what practical results can be observed and applied. Listen here by clicking the link below or go to wherever you get your podcasts and search for Euvation.

July 2020

European Commission's Innovation Radar published EPIC results
Some of the innovations developed in the EPIC project have been analysed by the European Commission's Innovation Radar:
- Improved turbo code design, simplified decoder algorithms and architectures for very high throughput applications (TB)
- ASIC design for terabit-per-second forward error correction coding scheme based on polar codes (POL)
- Enabling low-latency Tbps communication by introducing a frame level interleaved LDPC decoder (IMEC)
- High throughput forward error correction architectures for next generation communication systems (TUKL)
- Improved Terrabit Decoders for ASIC and FPGA technologies (CRE)
- Multi-dimensional differential-triangle set codes to achieve practical >100Gbps throughput (IDCC)

Podcast with IMT Atlantique
Catherine Douillard, Stefan Weithoffer and Charbel Abdel Nour all from IMT Atlantique talk about EPIC in the latest podcast. Listen here by clicking the link below or go to wherever you get your podcasts and search for Euvation.

May 2020

We used the time in home office to create a public promotion video of the EPIC project.

March 2020

Newsletter Issue 5
This fitfh edition of the EPIC newsletter provides an update of the last technical meeting in Brest and an update on the achievements and work in progress.

February 2020

These posters show the impressive EPIC results from the Turbo, LDPC and Polar Codes:
Turbo Codes
LDPC Codes
Polar Codes

December 2019

Three Posters and one presentation from Polaran about EPIC
Adaptive Quantization of the Polar Successive Cancellation Decoder
A FPGA Implementation Study of Successive Cancellation List=2 Polar Decoder
Polar Codes for Terabit/s Data Rates
Polar Codes for Terabit/s Data Rates

October 2019

EPIC Poster

June 2019

Claude E. Shannon Award 2019 winner
Congratulations to Prof. Erdal Arikan from Polaran who is the winner of the Claude E. Shannon 2019 award.
The Claude E. Shannon Award of the IT Society has been instituted to honor consistent and profound contributions to the field of information theory.

Press release: High-Throughput Polar Code IP Cores for FPGAs
This demo presents polar code implementations that reach 100 Gb/s on FPGAs with a coding gain of more than 6dB at BER 10-12.

Two Posters are equally available:
100 Gb/s Polar Code IP Cores FGPA Demonstrator
50 Gb/s Polar Code IP Core FGPA Demonstrator

May 2019

Newsletter Issue 4
This fourth edition of the EPIC newsletter provides an update of project progress in the first half of the project and also presents an overview of EPIC dissemination activities

Video - EPIC H2020 - Forward-Error Correction for wireless Tb/s technology and Beyond-5G systems


April 2019

Take a look some interesting EPIC Project related Videos on YouTube

March 2019

Quote from Thomas Kuerner, Chair of IEEE 802.15 THz IG: "Next generation FEC and its practical implantation is very essential for future THz Communications enabling ultra-high throughput wireless systems. EPIC has recognized the necessity of fundamental FEC technology for THz and is an important contributor in this area"

November 2018

Newsletter Issue 3
This edition of the newsletter focusses on the EPIC demonstrator that Creonics presented at the EuMWEEK conference in Madrid and further provides an overview of past and upcoming activities in the EPIC project.

September 2018

Poster for EuMWEEK
The EPIC consortium has prepared a poster to be shown at the booth that EPIC will share with our sister projects, at the EuMweek in Madrid.

June 2018

Newsletter Issue 2
The Second edition of the EPIC newsletter provides informations about EPIC Contributions to THz Standards and Next-Generation Channel Coding Towards Terabit/s Wireless Communications

May 2018

EPIC Poster
The project Poster was designed in order for partners to be able to use at different dissemination activities such as workshops and presentations.

January 2018

Newsletter Issue 1
This first issue of the EPIC newsletter provides general project information as well as some first project results. Further, beyond 5G use cases and challenged encountered in using them are discussed.

October 2017

Austrian Press Release
This press release was published in Austria and announces the EPIC project.

EPIC General Presentation
General presentation about the project.

EPIC Leaflet
The leaflet is one of our tailored dissemination materials capable of reaching a broad audience (mainly used for fairs and project meetings).

September 2017

EPIC Announcement Letter
The announcement letter was released at the project start and provides first information about the scope of EPIC.