On the 3rd of December, 2018, the EPIC consortium converged for their first Advisory Board meeting. The meeting took place at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where the consortium members and Advisory Board members were warmly welcomed by the university staff.
The meeting was started by a presentation showing a general overview of the project, presented by the technical lead, Norbert Wehn, from the Technical university of Kaiserlautern. The general overview was followed by detailed presentations and discussions on the three code families which are developed within the EPIC project: Polar codes (presented by Erdal Arikan from Polaran); TB codes (presented by Charbel Abdelnour from telecom Bretagne) and LDPC codes (presented by Timo Lehnigk-Emden from Creonics). Additionally, standardisation efforts within the EPIC project were presented by Erdal Arikan.
Real Technological needs were discussed, as well costs consideration and the main challenges within the code classes.
All in all, the AB members provided valuable feedback leading to a successful meeting, showing great European collaboration.