More interesting notes resulting from the meeting are the following:

  • IEEE 802.11 has approved to start a new Topic Interest Group called “Extreme High Throughput”, which is positioned to be the next generation of 802.11ax. 802.11 is a very impactful standardization body and is well aligned with the future Wi-Fi certified product roadmap. The considered peak data rates in EHT are aimed around 30-40Gbps (with an initial improvement estimation of 2x from additional spatial multiplexing and 2x from doubling the bandwidth, this being supported by new bands expected in 7GHz spectrum).
  • It was also mentioned that new bands above 100GHz are expected to be made available for unlicensed use. This move might require modifications and enhancements to the existing 802.15.3d THz specifications, and hence could manifest as new technology development opportunities, including FEC.
  • A fiercewireless article also indicates Apple’s, the leading consumer electronics company, interest in THz bands. Similar actions taken by consumer electronics companies further validate the feasibility of THz-enabled technologies in commercial markets.