The EPIC project is planned to run for 36 months and is subdivided into six work packages (WP). Between these WP there are significant dependencies and expected synergies, which are described shortly in the following:

WP1: B5G Wireless Tb/s Use-cases, Requirements and Roadmap

Technical and performance requirement set and expected target KPI values corresponding to each identified Tb/s use-case are determined. WP1 explores and identifies the FEC performance gap that is targeted to be closed to enable the target B5G use-cases and scenarios. An important task in WP1 is to analyse and prepare a roadmap study for the feasibility and successful realization of EPIC technology in the B5G systems.

WP2: B5G FEC Design

The investigation of interrelations between code structure, encoding and decoding algorithms, communications performance, flexibility and efficient hardware architectures and their implementations in state-of-the-art technologies is the main task of this WP. Furthermore new encoding/decoding algorithms are developed along with novel B5G channel codes. WP2 also provides hardware architecture designs of the developed Polar, LDPC, and Turbo codes (and their variants).

WP3: Link-level Simulations and Performance Comparisons

The key objective is to validate and accurately assess the codes and algorithms developed in WP2. WP3 develops and implements a detailed simulation environment in order to assess the communications performance, particularly focusing on BER and/or FER for the different codes and encoding/decoding algorithms developed in WP2.

WP4: Prototyping/Virtual Hardware Design

WP4 provides such implementation parameters related to CMOS technology node to WP2 in order to provide WP2 with a better view of the implementation limits and feasibility.

WP5: Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation

The communication, dissemination, and exploitation tasks of EPIC are part of this WP with the objectives of ensuring utmost academic and commercial benefits both from EPIC and European perspective. WP5 puts special emphasis on a detailed exploitation plan for EPIC both in academic and industry channels.

WP6: Project, Risk and Innovation Management

WP6 will be dedicated to the project management and relations to H2020 board, it will be managed by Technikon and will cover the global period of the project from M01 to M36.