The EPIC consortium, which includes the lead inventors and institutes in the FEC domain, dynamic SMEs, and impactful industry partners, is dedicated to successfully reach the following objectives:

  • Objective 1: EPIC will design and implement next generation Forward-Error-Correction for wireless Tb/s technology and Beyond-5G systems.
  • Objective 2: EPIC will advance state-of-the-art codes and develop the principal channel coding technology for wireless Tb/s technology.
  • Objective 3: EPIC will devise a disruptive FEC design framework to unify algorithmic and implementation domains.
  • Objective 4: EPIC will validate and demonstrate the developed FEC technology in virtual silicon tape-out and provide first-in-class wireless
    Tb/s FEC chipset architecture block.
  • Objective 5: EPIC puts the scientific excellence and contributions to wireless industry in the domain of B5G standardization and technology
    development at the centre of the project execution.